Our collection DESEYE hand painted eyewear you will find it in many negozi in tutta Italia and in several optical stores or pharmacies in the world.

Our reading glasses with preassembled prescription lenses are to be used for "simple" presbyopia cases (when both eyes have the same visual impairment).

In the case of "Complex" presbyopia, we recommend contacting an eye doctor for the exact definition of the type of lenses needed. The optician is always at your disposal for a visual check and the selected optical centers, dealers of DESEYE hand painted eyewear, are authorized to customize our glasses specifically for your needs.

You are in love with DESEYE, but your visual defect is more complex than a simple presbyopia?

Contact one of our dealers and will be able to satisfy your needs by customizing the frame DESEYE hand painted, with the most suitable lenses for your case (The cost of customization varies case by case based on the particularity of the lens and the choices you make with the optician).  

You would like to buy a particular model at one of the Selected Optical Centers our retailers, so you can take advantage of the valuable advice that an expert can give you? Before going to the optician, make a phone call to the store and check that the glasses you prefer, with your precise gradation, is present in the assortment of the store at that time!

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